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Welcome to the site

Configure your own virtual speedster
The Original Build of my Chesil Speedster Kit
Outlaw-ification: Taking my car in the outlaw direction
Converting to Fuel Injection
Photos from the Mooneyes Hotrod Show, Japan
2011: What i've been up to so far
Looking ahead to Le Mans Classic 2012


Welcome to my website which documents my Chesil Speedster which is a recreation of a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster.


I originally built the kit starting summer 2002 and completing the build September 2003. (See "Build Diaries - The original build")

I then entered a 2nd build phase in December 2004, which added a RAT 2270cc type IV engine and took the car in an "outlaw" styling direction, which was completed in June 2005. (See "Build Diaries - Outlawification")

In 2007 I converted from Carburettors to Fuel Injection and Direct Fire Ignition. (See "Build Diaries - Fuel Injection")

Since 2008 i've been working to hide some of the modern technology in the car (See 'Build Diaries - Back to the 60s")

I'm also keeping a diary of my use of the car. (See "Using the car")